I'm a designer, creator and lover of the beauty of this world. I've followed the path of curiosity allowing my creativity to guide me through out my life. I truly believe in the power of creativity and connection to bring joy and balance to this chaotic world.

You Are Here

I'm so glad

 I believe our dreams, whether they are day dreams or night dreams, are the whispers of our soul guiding us in the direction of our life's purpose. 

There have been many seasons of my life when I've doubted my path, doubted what I'm doing and the impact I'm making in this world. But today, I understand that the path is more than just the path, it is the destination. And, what better way to honor my authenticity by celebrating my own journey. 

My Why

Growth and connection feed my soul and creativity is just one of the tools I use to stay connected with myself and others

My hope is to inspire you to celebrate your path, your creativity, your inclinations, your own journey and to encourage you to bet on yourself, to learn to enjoy the journey, to leave fear behind and celebrate your path by embracing it wholeheartedly so that together we can create the world we dream of.

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Whether you have felt an itch to try a new creative outlet or are simply looking for inspiration and motivation to make the best out of your journey, you are in the right place. I have put growth as the number one value and priority in my life so I can show up better for the world, for you. I decided to allow the gift of curiosity that this life gave me and put it to use, to help us, to help you, to help this beautiful but lost world we live in.
I believe in the power YOU have. 

You Are Here

it's no coincidence

oh look

that's Me. 

I’m Colombian. I love nature. I packed my bags when I was 2 years old and I wanted to leave the house. Not a joke. I ended up doing it when I was 16. I live in Florida since then. I love mountains. I miss mountains. I like the ocean. I respect the ocean. I love floating in the water. I love being barefoot. I don’t like closed shoes. I own them but I don’t love them. I like moving my body. And I like doing it barefoot. Sometimes I run. Sometimes I lift weights. Sometimes I practice Yoga. Sometimes I do Pilates work outs. Sometimes I think about moving my body but then I don’t. I love my backyard. There is an iguana that poops on the couch in my backyard every day. Vienna doesn’t care. Vienna is my dog, a hot dog. She loves coffee. I love coffee. We share coffee sometimes. I don’t like tea. She doesn’t either. I mean, I can have it, I just don’t choose to have it. Talking about coffee, Chris is my husband. He is the best. He never questions anything I do. Except when I’m in the kitchen. He is an amazing cook. He makes coffee every day for me before I meditate. I love and need a spiritual practice. Because this is how my brain usually operates. I think most brains. A million thoughts per minute. I know that’s not accurate. But it sure feels like it. I think that is why we are creatives. Or creators. I don’t know, English is not my first language. I love learning. And, I love teaching. And I’m sure I will learn from you. And, I will teach you something in return. 

p.s. I don't know how to keep things short

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The more I do and create, the more I want to share with others. Writing has been my most precious tool during this journey and I intend to use it to give away most of the lessons I've learned. With this newsletter I hope to inspire you to choose and practice a life of curiosity and joy.

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