My mom recently found something I wrote when I was around 10 years old. It said: "freedom is one of the basic needs for a child's happiness"


It has always been hard for me to write bios and to choose a "roll" under my name- "designer", "artist", "teacher" etc. There are so many dimensions to who I am that it feels as though my freedom gets taken away. So, if I had to choose one, you can call me a student. A student of life.

"Often, I faced the ultimate question of whether that richness can even be captured on paper. Yet when printed on paper, words acquire an aura of truth."

I recently came across a quote that resonated deeply with my heart and that perhaps explains why I refrain from writing about "who I am".

Freedom has always been at the forefront of my life. 

I wasn't necessarily surprised to learn that I had written that at such a young age. I have also heard the story of the time I packed my bags and I was ready to leave the house at 2 years old because I didn't like my mom's rules.

I live for the journey, the exploration, the expansion and the celebration of who I really am.

Let's journey together.

love, Nat.

I'm grateful you are here.
My soul honors your soul.

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