I'm here to grow with you.

Creativity. Growth.

Growth and connection are two of my core values. My intention is to live a life that is aligned with my beliefs and through creativity and teaching, help others re-connect with their soul to live a more fulfilled and joyful life.

since day one I've allowed my creativity and curiosity to guide me on this journey

because the path is really the destination

I would love to teach you some of the things 
I've learned along the way.

We've got to love the journey

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I love old pajamas, walking barefoot, nature, the smell after rain, my husband Chris, my dog Vienna, my family, my friends, my journal, my meditation practice, this beautiful mysterious universe and if you didn't notice yet... I love going deep with my thoughts and conversations. We may start talking about the type of pop corn we like but you better believe the conversation will end with the way consciousness plays a roll on our earthly preferences. I used to be self-conscious about this way of being, my hyper sensitivity to feeling emotions deeply but today I honor and enjoy who I am.
I'm here to inspire you to love who you are and celebrate it together.

Hi, I'm Nat.

“Creativity is a vehicle that takes us in a journey of discovery. It is in that moment of silence and connection with our creative expression that we get to know our authentic self."


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There is nothing more rewarding than encouraging others to chose the path of curiosity & exploration and seeing them thrive and grow.  

You want to explore the option of starting your own stationery business or you have been running it for a couple years and feel you lack knowledge of the industry to make decisions for the future. Consider this course a 4 hours+ coffee date with me in which I share all the information you need to know and give you the confidence to make transformational decisions. From the types of services you can offer, paper and printing options, client communication, softwares, effective processes, pricing, photography and more! 

A foundational course for stationers

Plant & Grow

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When I started my company as a stationer I remember seeing foil pressed paper goods and absolutely falling in love with them. I really wanted to design and create beautiful pieces like those I fell in love with. Then I quickly realized outsourcing this service didn't allow for much experimentation since each order was incredibly pricy.  So, I took on the challenge, how could I print this myself? It took me years of research to find the perfect press and years of practice to get the perfect impression.
Offering this service allowed my company to grow in ways I never expected. In this class I cover every-single-detail about the art of foil press printing.

Foil Press Printing

the art of

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I was about 7 years old when I first realized making beautiful products was going to be part of my future. I remember holding a bar soap at the grocery store and thinking "why can't this be a beautiful shape with pretty colors?" Many years later, I've finally made my dream a reality. I've been creating products that combine both intentionality and beauty. My hope is that my products bring a sense of joy in your live whether that is through their function or aesthetic.

my brand

Papel & co.


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A blank canvas is one of the most intimidating things I can experience. Following a simple step by step process to create beautiful illustrations has been a game changer for me and for my business. With this freebie you can learn my method!

Learn step by step how I design my illustrations

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There are so many things we have forgotten about our essence... our eyes and ears have been trained to hear and see things in a certain way. Our voice seems to be scared to show its authentic self. 
I have used creativity as a tool to re-connect with myself, to listen to my own voice and allow it to speak through the things I create.

Helping You
Re-connect with Your Authentic Self Through Art and Beauty



See all the products my brand carries that help us stay aligned with our values, encourage creativity and support our growth.

I love products that invite mindfulness and connection

The more I do and create, the more I want to share with others. Writing has been my most precious tool during this journey and I intend to use it to give away most of the lessons I've learned. With this newsletter I hope to inspire you to choose and practice a life of curiosity and joy.

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a few years back I started to really question what I thought my values were...

What do your believes support?

There are many factors that push us or stop us to make decisions...

What perception of yourself is keeping you in a box?

Literally vinyl selfies distillery squid. Glossier church-key subway tile.

What do you value?

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I believe connecting with our creative expression is one of the many ways we can honor our authentic self. My goal with my newsletter is to encourage you to connect with your authentic voice and celebrate it. 

Learn step by step how
I design my illustrations