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The Way Of The Heart

With the intention to find our personal power, our gifts & inclinations to celebrate them and integrate them to create with confidence the balanced, fulfilled and joyful life we want and the loving world we desire!


To this space I've been dreaming to create

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To give your self the time and love YOU deserve. 
To cultivate practices that support and celebrate YOU. 
To connect, to grow, to enjoy, to encourage and inspire each other. 
To walk ourselves back to the way of our heart. 

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I Live and Breathe

I Live
and Breathe

for learning, creativity, personal growth and spirituality- I know! polarizing word. Let's start by defining it:


the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul.

in my own words

it is the relationship with the energy that connects us all. The synchronicity that we can't explain but brings a smile on our face. It is the flowers, the mountains, the ocean, the animals. It is everything and everywhere.


Hi, I'm Nat

What does the membership include?

A Library of Informative and Educational Videos and  Resources to help you cultivate practices to invite more alignment, confidence, love, presence and connection 

A Community Platform To Connect, Share & Support Each Other. Access and discounts for future classes and events created outside the membership.

Lessons, Guidance, Grounding Practices like Meditation Affirmations, Journaling Prompts, &
Live Meet Up


when you first sign up
you will have immediate access to


explore this month's content

What type of content do you consume on a daily basis? Is it uplifting? is it helping you grow? Is it making you feel better? Do Better? Connect Better? Show Up Better?

questions for you

with this membership I'm inviting you to spend 5-20 minutes of your day choosing yOu

lacking- energy, Motivation, inspiration, direction, Confidence, Support. 

And we find ourselves with no other option but to numb our feelings and Constantly consume content and information that is only making us feel even more depleted.

Many of us feel

With Lessons on energies we can embody to raise our vibration. Journaling Guidance. Affirmations to
re-program our subconscious. Meditations to connect with ourselves and Receive guidance.

accountability energy

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You Want to Cultivate Consistent
Practices And Use Tools
That Can Bring You more...

with this membership is to bring you monthly content that inspires you to feel better so that you can tap into your personal power, your personal energy-fuel that moves you to show up wholeheartedly for yourself and others.

my intention

with tools

information, activities and community so we can actively, consciously and confidently choose to align and find our center to grow in a way that is authentic to ourselves, our voice and our heart.

to integrate

our unique gifts, skills, abilities and inclinations in a way that supports our vision for the life we aspire to live.

to choose love

and quiet the external voices, the fear, insecurity, doubt and self sabotage and bring forth a higher way of being.

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The Journey of Creation & Growth


the conscious path invites us to connect and balance 4 different aspects of our humanity

want to learn more about this?

There are 4 main phases we go through during our growth and evolution

there are 2 ways to approach these:





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consciously or unconsciously 

learning how these 4 aspects are related to the 4 phases of evolution is the first step we can take to use our own guidance to create more balance, joy and fulfillment in our life

The more I do and create, the more I want to share with others. Writing has been my most precious tool during this journey and I intend to use it to give away most of the lessons I've learned. With this newsletter I hope to inspire you to choose and practice a life of curiosity and joy.

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The Loveletter

I believe connecting with our creative expression is one of the many ways we can honor our authentic self. My goal with my newsletter is to encourage you to connect with your authentic voice and celebrate it. 

Learn step by step how
I design my illustrations


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