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It's more than just a worksheet. This pricing calculator will allow you to use your time and energy on what you enjoy and do best, creating. Stream line your quoting process and build confidence with your numbers.

Pricing Calculator

worksheet for stationers


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One day my Excel genius-guru-husband and I sat down, brainstormed and then he created something that made my life 100 times easier and my way of doing business wayyy more effective.

Putting together a quote used to take me for ever

this is one of those things you just know it's going to add so much value to a business

see it in action

I stopped freaking out during meetings when I knew my math couldn't be 100% trusted

and most importantly...

Because as you just saw above, it is as easy as one click.

how many times have you considered hiring someone to help with quoting and client communication but the messiness of your folders, pricing and overall process stopped you from doing it? oh yeah, that was me before this spread sheet.

helps you scale your business

maybe your numbers and quotes haven't been consistent because every time you have to do the math for a quote you have a chance to doubt your pricing. Having a system will keep you consistent and confident in your numbers.

build confidence in your pricing

if you are in the creative industry you probably like creating not doing math and triple checking every addition and multiplication in your proposal

use your time doing what you do best

And, if you have questions about how to price stationery

  • how to calculate your design fees
  • how to calculate your printing services
  • how to price your labor 
  • how to mark up materials
  • and more +

The brake down of the Pricing Structure videos will cover:

here is a little video I shared on Instagram talking about this amazing master sheet

*monthly installments

1. the excel master sheet with integrated formulas that create quotes for you in a couple minutes


3. video lessons on how to insert your own pricing and HOW TO USE THE SPREAD SHEET 

What Do You Get?

the pricing calculator

is here!

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receive immediate access to 10+ pricing lessons & the Pricing Calcultor mastersheet


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have a clear understanding of your numbers to help you grow

hire assistance to easily handle client communication and quotes


structure your pricing

It will help you

The spreadsheet includes over 100 items you can customize with your pricing and freedom to add your unique offerings


James Clear

"You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems." 



Questions about this product?

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You can use the Pricing Calculator with any currency. The Pricing Calculator is a tool that will need YOUR pricing in order to work. For this reason the Pricing Calculator is sold with a lesson on how to structure your pricing and how to use your current pricing structure so you can properly set up the worksheet to work for YOUR business. 

does it work with dollars only or can i use other currencies? 

is the spreadsheet compatible with apple numbers?

is the spreadsheet compatible with google sheets?



*while the spreadsheet is compatible with these programs, I have personally only used it with Excel. The lessons that come with this product will be shown using Excel only.

if you have additional questions please submit them below

No. The Pricing Calculator is meant to be used as a back end tool for your business but not as a client manager system or invoicing system. 

can I create a PDF quote/offer for my clients with the pricing calculator?

The Pricing Calculator is meant to help you on the back end of your business. 
When you first set up the Pricing Calculator, it will help you understand your costs for materials, clarify labor fees, and your profit margins. Once you start using the Worksheet and its formulas you will be able to put quotes for clients in just a couple minutes.    

what would the pricing calculator help you do?

You have the flexibility to set up the Pricing Calculator so it works for the type of offerings you mainly use. I will walk you through how to make these adjustments in the worksheet. 

can you select single-sided and double-sided printing per element?

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