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Plant & Grow

A Foundational Course For Stationers

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you have a million and one questions about
how to get started

So you want to explore the option of starting your own stationery business.. or maybe you have been running your stationery business for a year or two and you have found yourself limited with the knowledge you have of the industry and this is stopping you from making important decisions for your future..  

I’m So Glad
You Are Here!

You Can Breathe,

How do I find my style?
What tools do I need?
What is a Semi-Custom invitation?
What type of service should I offer?
What printing methods can I use for my designs?
How do I present designs and proposals to a client?
What programs do I need? 
How do I price my work?

I got you.

I have created this course because I had all these questions in the early years of my business. And after a lot of trial and error, investments and making mistakes I have plenty of knowledge to guide you with everything you need to start your stationery business and how to make decisions that align with your vision for the future of your company.

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and I'm sure at some point in your life you have heard the phrase "the starving artist"

Creatives have the tendency to want to do everything on their own. We get so excited and busy wanting to create that we forget that there are ways to work smarter.

and let's not even get started on doing what you love but being unhappy with the clients you are attracting

The intention behind this course is to help you understand every element of a stationery business,
especially how it pertains to you and your goals.

I'm here to help you!

By having a foundational understanding of the stationery industry and the knowledge you need to get started, you will be able to plant & grow your stationery business with purpose.

One of my sayings on repeat is: "I did the best I could with the knowledge I had"

Plant & Grow is the course I wish I had when I started my business 6+ years ago, because let's be honest.. I made painful mistakes because I lacked the information necessary to make decisions. Knowledge is power and it's the content our brain and heart need to process in order for our intuition to guide us.

I am bringing this content to you so you can learn with me and be better equipped to make choices. 

I'm Nat,

I’ll be your teacher and your guide during this journey.

so you can make better decisions for your future

I want to share with you everything I've done and learned in the process

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Plant & Grow

I know investing can be scary. 
But most times, the scariest decisions we make are the most rewarding. 

You deserve to invest in yourself. 
And if there is something I know
for sure is that you have the capacity to create incredible things. 

Course Outline

So, what will
you learn?

Build your foundation

For creatives is often easy to get consumed by the excitement and/or worry of the creation of our products and services and many times we forget to stop and ask a fundamental question, what do I want my life to look like? and how is my art, product, service and company going to support that vision? In this module I will guide you through an exercise that will easily help us identify our values, intentions and goals and how to actively stay in alignment with them.

Tools of the trade

Years of trail & error and experience designing, creating, assembling, printing resumed in minutes of information and a handful of handy lists that include an explanation of printing methods, equipment, tools and programs that you need (or don’t depending on your goals) in order to get started with your business or make the next exciting investment to keep growing your company.

Finding your style

One of my favorite subjects! I believe that finding our style and our unique voice really comes down to understanding who we are and taking the time to observe and honor those things that make us unique. We’ll do an activity together that will help us identify some of those places, products, and experiences that leave an imprint in our life and create those aesthetic preferences that allow us to express our creativity in a unique way. I will talk about how to cultivate your creative expression through utilizing materials in a unique way, finding inspiration, and using suppliers and resources that support your voice.

Products & services

The beauty of stationery is that it allows you to explore different avenues and I have explored all the options! There are customers out there that have different needs and budgets which help us define our offerings. I will talk about fully custom design services to creating signature Collections (aka Semi-custom invitations) and of course ready to purchase stationery products. I will share my opinion on Pros & Cons so you can get a better idea of what service fits your personal and professional goals best. 

client communication

Providing clear communication and setting boundaries not only attracts the right clients for you but also allows you to execute your client’s vision without compromising your own voice. I also believe that communication not only happens when we interact with our clients via e-mail but also through our pictures, graphics, agreements, presentations etc. I will show you examples of the way we intentionally communicate with our clients to create a high quality experience and create healthy boundaries for ourselves and reduce room for error when expectations are clear. 

streamlining processes

Streamlining processes sounds a lot more complicated than it really is. Ultimately what this means is to have a very clear understanding of every single step that it takes you to create your product and to establish a clear work flow that supports your timelines and business expectations. While this is not a complicated subject there is definitely a lot to cover in this topic. I will share with you the different softwares we use that have allowed us to create a very straight forward process from the moment a client inquires for a service all the way to the production and delivery of their order. I will show you our handy templates that keep the process stream lined, our Design Presentations and even tips for production and assembly. I will cover guidelines for pricing and will give you a very simple and digestible break down to understand how to price your work according to your goals. The PDF handouts and workbooks in this module are my favorite! 

photography & selling

Photography is a very intimidating topic for many because they feel like this is another trade they need to learn if they want to create stationery. Are you familiar with our Instagram content? 95% of my pictures have been taken with my iPhone. You may think you need to buy a professional camera, lighting, props etc and in this module I will convince you that you absolutely do not need any of these fancy things. In fact, I will make you laugh with the very little knowledge I have about professional photography. I will however share everything I consider is a game changer when photographing paper products. I will show you a quick demo of the way I style my pictures and edit them. 

Life Time Access

  • A dedicated and regularly updated “tools of the trade” page within the course portal that will serve as your supply directory.

  • Receive the opportunity to attend Live Q&A sessions (previous recordings are saved in the student portal).

  • Lifetime access to all course content, which includes several PDF handouts and videos!

  • One of my core values is Growth. For this reason I’m constantly finding ways to do things better. This means that you will have access to any course update and improvement as more students join us and I receive feedback on how to serve you better.

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Who is this course for?

This course is meant for people with stationery-focus aspirations, whether that is weddings or paper good products. Someone looking to start their stationery business or someone with 1 or 2 years of experience.

What exactly will you be teaching?

You can scroll up to see the general course outline on this page; we intend to teach foundational knowledge of starting a stationery business. This means we will teach terminology, strategies, pricing, and more.

Will the course expire? 

No, it won't! This means that you will have access to any course update and improvement as more students join us and I receive feedback on how to serve you better.

Do I need to follow week by week or can I go at my own pace? 

You can go at your own pace! It's important that you to take your time, to listen to the videos, do the homework for each module and take the time to learn. This also means you can re-watch as many times you want or need!

I don't have a company yet. Is this right for me?

This is the course for you! The content is created to give you all the foundational information to get started!

Will I miss out on anything if I buy now and have to start the course later? 

No! Since you have life time access you can go at your own pace and take the time you need to start going over the content.

how is the course presented?

The course is composed of mostly video content and handouts with the homework you’ll need to do in order to get the best out of the class!

do we have 1:1 feedback or group calls?

There is a live q&a every 4 months. You will also have the opportunity to access previously recorded q&a's.

Plant & Grow

why the name

My creative journey has allowed me to personally grow in ways I never expected. It has allowed me to know myself at a deeper level, to love who I am and the gifts this life has given me. When I look back I can see the many seeds I have planted in my journey that have helped me get where I am today. Between my creativity and my love for nature I have been able to develop a love for this life journey that I only wish others can experience with the same level of excitement and gratitude. Plant & Grow has compiled all the lessons and information I have acquired in this process so that you can spend your time enjoying the creative journey and tending to it in a way that is aligned with your purpose. 

A little more about my journey

Curious about my creative journey?



















Graduated as a product designer

worked as a toy designer and creative director

took an online calligraphy class, quit my job, started offering calligraphy services, teaching workshops and designing wedding invitations

purchased my foil press machine and started printing in house, TAUGHT MY FIRST EMPLOYEE TO USE the FOIL PRESS MACHINE 

Rented my first studio space, hired 2 more people to help with printing and design

Designed a collection of foil pressed wedding invitations, added our first foil pressed ready to purchase product to our shop

moved to a bigger studio since I decided to invest in more printing equipment that required more space, special electric panel and doors big enough to fit the machines

the world ended. weddings got cancelled. things were upside down but our foil pressed products in our shop kept the company going and paid for all our bills during this time

We launched our second line of wedding collections. weddings started happening again, we had the most sales since the company started. We slowly added more foil pressed products to our online shop

after tons of requests I decided to put together some of the lessons I had acquired in the industry and created my first online class: plant & grow

realized my time creating wedding invitations had come to an end. Decided to follow my creativity and curiosity and started designing more products for our shop

I missed  connecting with others and decided to open a store front in our studio where we will be selling our products, teaching classes and growing together

i was able to see my process from a different perspective, realized how much foil press printing had shaped my path and decided i wanted to theach this art to other people and see them grow in their  own journey so my class:
the art of foil press printing was created

The more I do and create, the more I want to share with others. Writing has been my most precious tool during this journey and I intend to use it to give away most of the lessons I've learned. With this newsletter I hope to inspire you to choose and practice a life of curiosity and joy.

To My Newsletter. 

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